Books for Croatians learning English

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ItemNo\ISBN Title Translation of Title\Description Author No of Pages Cover Retail front cover link back cover link
9536031280English For You 3ENGLISH FOR YOU Book 3 Mia Pervan-Plavec & Tony Duff226paperback$26.40
439English for you 3 TapeENGLISH FOR YOU Book 3: Audio tape$24.200439.jpg
953020275Think and Speak 2, udzbenikTHINK AND SPEAK 2, textbook Soletic, Jemersic, Nakic136paperback$23.00953020275X.jpg
286Think and speak 3, kasetaThink and speak 3, audio tapeSoletic, Jemersic et al$18.500286.jpg
9530203594Think and speak 3, radni priruThink and speak 3, workbook for studentsSoletic, Jemersic et al148Paperback$24.009530203594.jpg
9530203586Think and speak 3, udzbenikThink and speak 3, textbookSoletic, Jemersic et al150Paperback$24.009530203586.jpg
953020423Think and speak 4, radni priruThink and speak 4, workbook for studentsSoletic, Jemersic140paperback$23.00953020423X.jpg
9530204213Think and speak 4, udzbenikThink and speak 4, textbookSoletic, Jemersic132Paperback$23.009530204213.jpg
294Ways to English 2, kasetaWAYS TO ENGLISH 2, audio tapeVilke, Mihaljevic$18.700294.jpg
293Ways to English 2, radni priruWAYS TO ENGLISH 2, workbookVilke,Mihaljevic-Djigunovic100Paperback$18.700293.jpg
8603007349Ways to English 2, udzbenikWAYS TO ENGLISH 2, textbookVilke,Mihaljevic-Djigunovic127paperback$19.808603007349.jpg