Croatian Magazines

Name of Magazine Type of magazine Frequency of publication Price Of Magazine and postage Picture Of Front Cover Of Magazine (sample)
Arena General Weekly $8.00 arena
Globus General, politics Weekly $9.00 globus
Gloria Womens Weekly $9.00 gloria
Vita Health and Beauty Monthly $11.00 vita
Moja Sudbina Womens "My destiny" monthly $8.00 Moja Sudbina
Moja Tajna Womens "My Secret" monthly $8.00 Moja Tajna
Nasa Ognjista Croatian Catholic monthly monthly $7.00 nasa ognjista
Tena Review for modern women weekly $9.00 tena
Doktor u Kuci Doctor in the house - Health monthly $11.00 Doktor u kuci
Kvizorama Puzzles and Quizzes weekly $8.00 Kvizorama
Vecernji List Fridays edition of Croatias Daily evening newspaper weekly - Fridays edition only $8.00
101Skandi Quizzes, jokes fortnightly   101skandi
Nacional Politics, business, culture, sport weekly   nacional
Matica Croatian communities abroad monthly   matica
Fokus Politics, economics, culture, society weekly   fokus
Hrvatski List Interviews, reviews, people and events weekly   Hrvatski List
Story Lifestyle Weekly    
Dnevnik   weekly    
Feral   weekly    
Glas Istre   weekly    
Glas Slavonije   weekly    
Jutarnji List   weekly    
Kviskoteka   weekly    
Plavi Oglasnik   weekly    
Slobodna Dalmacija   weekly    
Sportske   weekly    
50 Skandi   fortnightly    
Auto Blic   fortnightly    
Auto Klub   fortnightly    
Imperijal   fortnightly    
Astro   monthly    
Barbie   monthly    
Bebe   monthly    
Chica   monthly    
Cosmopolitan   monthly    
Dobar Tek   monthly    
Elle   monthly    
Elle Dekor   monthly    
Eurovila   monthly    
Hrvatski Vojnik   monthly    
Istinite Sudbine   monthly    
Kosarka   monthly    
Ljubavni Romani   monthly    
Moje Vrijeme   monthly    
Nautica   monthly    
NK Dinamo   monthly    
Nogomet   monthly    
O.K.   monthly    
Playboy   monthly    
Svijet   monthly    
Teen   monthly    
Gloria   Special Editions