Croatian DVD Movies and Films

Junior Age Group

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Please Note the Format of the DVDs:
A DVD, formated as DVD Pal ALL, can be viewed on all DVD Players.
To be able to view a DVD, formated as DVD Pal Region 2, you will require a Multizone DVD Player.

ItemNo\ISBN Title Translation Description Format Price front cover link back cover link
3858885430064Carobnjakov Sesir DVD Pal 2The Magicians hat77min; cartoon, colour2$35.003858885430064.jpg3858885430064b.jpg
3858885430057Cudesna Suma DVD Pal 2The Amazing Forest82min; cartoon, colour2$35.003858885430057.jpg3858885430057b.jpg
3858885430040Cudnovate zgode segrta HlapicaThe amazing adventures of apprentice Hlapic85 min; cartoon, colour2$35.003858885430040.jpg3858885430040b.jpg
3858885430095Druzba Pere Kvrzice (DVD Pal2)Pere Kvrzice's gang87min; real characters, colour2$35.003858885430095.jpg3858885430095b.jpg
3858885431689Ducan Mopatop 188min; colour2$30.003858885431689.jpg3858885431689b.jpg
3858885431696Ducan Mopatop 288min; colour2$30.003858885431696.jpg3858885431696b.jpg
3856002738932Duh u mocvari91min; real characters, colour2$35.003856002738932.jpg3856002738932b.jpg
3858885430866Hlapiceva Televizija 1 DVD100min; Real people, colour0$33.003858885430866.jpg3858885430866b.jpg
3858885430873Hlapiceva Televizija 2 DVD94min; Real people, colour0$35.003858885430873.jpg3858885430873b.jpg
3858885431122Hlapiceva Televizija 3 DVD94min; Real people, colour0$35.003858885431122.jpg3858885431122b.jpg
3858885430606Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 1 DVDBundas's birthday - Secret village97min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430606.jpg3858885430606b.jpg
3858885430613Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 2 DVDDon't joke with the hijacker - Thanks for the medicine96min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430613.jpg3858885430613b.jpg
3858885430620Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 3 DVDWhat are things that fly? - All that glows97min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430620.jpg3858885430620b.jpg
3858885430637Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 4 DVDKresimir the agressor - The sound of silence96min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430637.jpg3858885430637b.jpg
3858885430644Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 5 DVD97min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430644.jpg3858885430644b.jpg
3858885430651Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 6 DVD73min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430651.jpg3858885430651b.jpg
3858885430668Hlapiceve Nove Zgode 7 DVD72min; cartoon, colour0$35.003858885430668.jpg3858885430668b.jpg
3858885431375Hlapiceve Sportske igre 161min; colour0$35.003858885431375.jpg3858885431375b.jpg
3856002142326Koko i Duhovi90 min; real characters, colour0$30.003856002142326.jpg3856002735160b.jpg
3858885430088Vlak u Snijegu (DVD Pal 2)The train in the snow85 min; real characters, colour2$35.003858885430088.jpg3858885430088b.jpg
3858885431726Vomblici 1 (DVD Pal 2)The Wombles100 min; colour2$30.003858885431726.jpg3858885431726b.jpg
3858885431719Zoboomafoo i braca Kratt 1 (DVD Pal 2)107 min; colour2$30.003858885431719.jpg3858885431719b.jpg