Adult Non-Fiction Books

Childcare / Family Life

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ItemNo\ISBN Title Translation of Title\Description Author No of Pages Edition Cover Retail front cover link
9530501099Igrom do citanjaUsing games to help in reading: games and activities for development of reading skillsMira Cudina-Obradovic2404Paperback$36.009530501099.jpg
953610119Kako djecu odgajatiDevelopmentally Appropriate Practice in Early ChildhoodSue Bredekamp107Paperback$46.20953610119X.jpg
8603995907Kako pripremiti dijete za skolHow to prepare your child for schoolGorana Hitrec156Paperback$20.908603995907.jpg
9531738599Kako razviti emocionalnu intelHow to raise a child with a high emotional intelligenceDr Lawrence E. Shapiro252Hardcover$55.009531738599.jpg
1148Neuspjeh u skoliFailure at schoolVisnja Zibar-Komarica107Paperback$16.501148.jpg
9531961808Nove tajne sretne djeceMore secrets of happy childrenSteve & Shaaron Biddulph142Hardcover$34.009531961808.jpg
9531710481RadosnicaA book to record information on one's child, with useful information on bringing up childr40Hardcover$33.009531710481.jpg
9530606168Spasimo djecu: prirucnik grupnRescue: handbook to help children in stressOfra Ayalon158Paperback$38.509530606168.jpg
9536216329Sto dijete zeli da roditelji zWhat every child would like his parents to knowDr. Lee Salk264Hardcover$41.709536216329.jpg
9531969671Tajna sretne djeceThe secret of happy childrenSteve Biddulph175Hardcover$34.009531969671.jpg
9789531718479Za spretne djecje rukeFor creative childrens hands192Hardcover$65.009789531718479.jpg